A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore a world of riddles, monsters, and mayhem in this comedy-horror adventure featuring cute animals and deadly enemies. Can you make sure everyone survives? There are 9 rooms total can you get to the end without a loss?


  • WASD or Arrow keys to move, Shift to run
  • Mouse click to interact with stuff
  • Mouse click anywhere to speed through text during dialogs and cutscenes
  • Menu > options > subtitles to toggle subtitles


  • Various fixes including fix for dog behaviour, navigation logic, credits scene,  player blocked from cheating by jumping through areas

Install instructions

Download, unpack and launch. Silly version contains some fun dialogs and bloopers cut from later versions :)

  • Windows builds supports x64 systems
  • Linux build supports x64 systems
  • Mac build supports Intel x64 and Apple silicon


Chapter1BSillyVersion.zip 844 MB
Chapter 1 for Linux.zip 795 MB
Chapter 1 for Windows.zip 797 MB
Chapter 1 for Mac.zip 801 MB


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That is rather silly indeed. Having discovered several characters, locations and riddles and reached an ending of sorts, I'm still not entirely sure what I played. Quite surreal.

:D Fun though and quite silly.