A downloadable asset pack

This includes 2 skybox templates for Photoshop.

This template is great for hand painting your own skybox.

Both templates have a horizon guideline across the left, front, right and back panels.

The first template is 4k or 4096x4096, total image size for all 6 sizes is 16,384 x 12,288. The second template is included at 2048x2048 or 2 total image size for all 6 sizes is 8,192 x 6,129.

I have also included 2 image guides of the respective templates, you can import those images into other software (such as Krita) for a base structure.

If you export to say Unity make sure you set your imported images to Clamp on the Wrap Mode Setting, and I believe you may need to flip right and left images in the skybox material.

I may add more templates, an example, and a tutorial if this has any interest. 

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